Wide Range of Load Capacities

Up to 7000 Lbs point load /forklift with 5000 Lbs payload/.

No Hardware

No hardware is needed to setup or disassemble the system.

Easy to Customize

The system can be adjusted in height, shape, and size with unmatched dimensional precision and lateral and vertical stability.

Easy and Expedient Leveling and Wiring

Leveling can be completed before or after the top panels are mounted, using only a cordless drill.

Quick Assembly

Several times faster to assemble or disassemble than any other similar systems on the market. Dramatically reduces labor costs on site.

Minimum Storage Space

150 cubic feet required to store parts for 1000 square feet floor.

Ramps and Railings

Easy to combine with railings, ramps, and vertical support elements.

Easy and expedient leveling and wiring
Low height metal sub-frame components
High raised floor during setup
Custom shape floor
Heavy lifting equipment operating on finished floor
Exposed Security Caps
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