Exhibit Products

We have vast variety of exhibit products in our portfolio starting from freestanding infostands to large-scale metal structures such as two-story exhibit booths. We offer complete service from detailed design development to final product.

- client concept - we have capability to develop any unique idea to feasible product.

- design development - our designers are creative and closely related to the production process.

- realization - we use most of the standard metal materials as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum in well organized shop with good capacity.

- customer satisfaction - most of our clients are exhibit companies and we know well the importance to have good looking, durable product with minimum assembling and dismantling time.

Bauer booth Exhibits International
Dodge Exhibit Display Worden Watson Ltd.
Irisbus Booth Worden Watson Ltd.

Irisbus Booth
Worden Watson Ltd.

Mercedes Benz
Piddi Design
VW Exhibit Display Exhibits International

Cosella Dorken
Worden Watson Ltd.

Oldsmobile Display Structure
The Taylor Group
Exhibit Booth
Mice I Kadoke

GM Exhibit Arch
The Taylor Group
Canstar Booth
Exhibits International
BMW Demo Tent
The Taylor Group
Mercedes Benz Booth Piddi Design
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